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FMA HR Talk – China

  Nicolas Milonas, Vice President of FMA Asia-Pacific Area, agreed to give us an interview to discuss his work and business modalities. He provides an overview of how global Future Manager truly is and how it values its clients all around the globe.
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GEC #13 Gender Equality in China

Author: Suzy Ma-Milonas – China FM GEC Representative The status of Chinese women, in ancient times and even in early modern times, can be summed up in one sentence: “Women don’t even have a place to put their feet”. Following the founding of the People’s Republic of China and according to the precepts advocated by Chairman Mao Zedong: “Women can have half the sky”! The role of access to education...
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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #17

Author: Future Manager China“2020 HR priorities ” 1. Cost control Any company that pursues a high-performance culture should make performance management routine. Not only should we actively manage during the epidemic, but in normal times, performance management should also be implemented as a priority. Remote work is not so difficult, and it also significantly reduces travel and office costs. So, we can take this opportunity to think: Which positions and...
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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #14

Author: Future Manager China“ Hot job search sector in the outbreak era ” The coronavirus pandemic has turned the job market grim, many companies have put a temporary halt on hiring, let alone run the cutbacks and layoffs. However, noticing an increase in coronavirus-related job postings, here are some job sectors that are looking to hire either during the pandemic or shortly after it fades. Biotech, pharmaceuticals and health care...
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WMF 2019: Ten Key Recommendations

  #WMF2019 has brought up different topics useful to the manufacturing sector. The conclusion of the Forum leaves us with ten interesting Recommendations. These inputs aim at working towards creating an educated and skilled manufacturing workforce now and in the future. Here the first five Key Recommendations: 1. Create a manufacturing market with a life - long learning mind - set: it aims at creating a workforce that proactively seeks...
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Workshop: Information Technology

  The existing skill gap in the IT sector brings us to a mismatch between the offer and demand of profiles within the sector. This issue affects mostly companies and the first outcome of this phenomenon resulted in the hiring of technical profiles from abroad.  For this reason, Future Manager organizes a Workshop dedicated to the topic of Information Technology. It aims at finding operational and functional solutions to this...
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An interesting Cooperation example (Italy – Germany)

The WMF 2019 Report shows us an interesting article about a project called digITALIA. Italy’s economy has a global importance as it is the second largest industrial nation in Europe. Due to this and the fact that there is a bilateral cooperation between Germany and Italy in the field of Vocational Education and Training the German- Italian Chamber of Commerce launched the two- year project digItalia in November 2018, which...
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WMF: Ten Key Recommendations

    The aim of these Key Recommendations is to forge the ability to work towards creating an educated and skilled manufacturing workforce now and in the future. Here the Ten Key Recommendations that companies should consider implementing:   Create a Manufacturing Market with a Life-Long Learning Mindset: Workers should proactively seek out life-long learning opportunities, create personal and professional incentives for workers to engage in training, empower workers by...
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